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FTPP Adipotide Nasal Spray


FTPP Adipotide peptide nasal spray presents potential benefits in supporting weight management, potentially aiding in the reduction of fat mass, and promoting overall metabolic health.


15ml Nasal Spray contains 2mg FTPP (Adipotide)
30ml Nasal Spray contains 4mg FTPP (Adipotide)

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FTPP Adipotide Nasal Spray Peptide America

An experimental weight loss therapy called adipotide also known as FTPP, destroys the fat cells by aiming for their blood supply.

The main purpose of America FTPP Adipotide nasal spray resides in its effectiveness in stimulating rapid weight loss & obesity, through the targeting of body fat. Testing of FTPP Adipotide on mice and monkeys has yielded positive results in its efficiency with regards to the intended outcome to facilitate the treatment of rapid weight loss and improved insulin resistance.

Adipotide’s functional design profile is for the active targeting of specific blood vessels which are responsible for delivering blood to adipose tissue (body fat). Blood vessels shrink, as a result, a process which induces apoptosis among the fat cells – i.e. the body feeds on the fat cells as its most immediate source of oxygen which would have otherwise been more abundant in the blood as well as the resultant energy which would have been synthesized from other sources.

Adipotide (FTPP) peptides, America research suggests aids the process of weight loss via a fast-acting fat-reduction action process which can reduce your weight within a matter of a few months. The process particularly targets abdominal fat for mass reduction.

FTPP Adipotide Nasal Spray America

Tolerance to Glucose:

Fasting glucose levels are used to confirm a person’s glucose tolerance, a popular parameter for diagnosing diabetes. Another method involves the patient consuming a predetermined amount of glucose, which is then used to estimate the patient’s blood sugar levels.

Diet and exercise have traditionally been used to treat metabolic syndromes like diabetes, but the results can take months, not years, to show significant improvement. As a result, Metformin or insulin is commonly prescribed to people with type 2 diabetes.

America Research into FTPP Adipotide nasal spray has shown advancement in glucose tolerance that is independent of weight. When white fat is reduced, glucose tolerance can also be reduced, regardless of a patient’s weight, as demonstrated by this study’s findings. These findings shed light on the mechanisms that lead to diabetes in the first place, and they also point the way to new treatment options for the condition.

America FTPP Adipotide nasal spray has been shown to alter fat cell density and enhance glucose tolerance even without weight loss, making it more likely that the peptide causes significant fat loss rather than an indirect effect.

Fat loss:

Clinical trials on FTPP Adipotide nasal spray fat-eliminating abilities were conducted in the United States. The ability of this new peptide to induce apoptosis in the vessels that supply blood to the white adipose tissues was demonstrated in rhesus monkey studies. Because there are no blood cells, these fat cells will die as a result. This resulted in an increase in insulin sensitivity as well as an increase in rapid weight loss. To some extent, these changes can be attributed to adipotide’s ability to alter the monkeys’ eating habits, as the monkeys who lost weight also lost their appetite.

Adipotide has been linked to a membrane protein receptor known as prohibitin (PHB), which is found in the blood vessels of white fat tissues and some cancer cells, according to recent America research. Distinctly in the blood vessels that supply blood to adipose and cancerous tissues, prohibitin (PHB) is found to be expressed and may be used for both therapeutic and diagnostic purposes in adipotide testing.


Due to the abundance of blood vessels, cancerous tissues are able to proliferate and become metastatic. Therefore, Prohibiin, a protein found in various cancers, could be used to narrow the focus of cancer treatment and reduce or eliminate the side effects associated with chemotherapy’s damage to healthy tissues.

There is also the option America to buy FTPP Adipotide Peptide Vial and  FTPP adipotide pre mixed peptide.


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Molecular Weight: 2611.41 g/mol
Molecular Formula: C152 H525 N44 O42
Sequence: Cys Lys Gly Gly Arg Ala Lys Asp Cys Gly Gly (Lys-Leu-Ala-Lys-Leu-Ala-Lys)2

FTPP Adipotide HPLC Certificate

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