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Thymosin alpha-1 Nasal Spray


Thymosin alpha 1 nasal spray America renowned for its immune-boosting properties, is invaluable in research on chronic infections, cancer therapies, and autoimmune diseases.

15ml Nasal Spray contains 5mg Thymosin Alpha-1

30ml Nasal Spray contains 10mg Thymosin Alpha-1

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Buy Thymosin Alpha 1 Nasal Spray America

The Thymosin Alpha 1 Nasal Spray is an innovative and convenient formulation for America researchers focusing on immune modulation and peptide therapeutics. Available in 15ml and 30ml spray bottles, this product offers a user-friendly alternative to traditional subcutaneous injections, simplifying administration and enhancing experimental protocols.

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Thymosin Alpha 1 Nasal Spray Benefits

  • Immune System Support: Enhances immune responses through increased T-cell activation and improved cytokine production, making it valuable for research on chronic infections, cancer therapies, and autoimmune diseases.
  • Convenient Administration: The nasal spray format ensures ease of use and consistent dosing, facilitating straightforward integration into research studies.
  • Two Volume Options: The Thymosin Alpha 1 Nasal Spray is available in both 15ml and 30ml bottles to suit varying research needs and experimental designs.
  • High Purity and Stability: Manufactured to ensure high purity and stability, providing reliable and consistent results.
  • User-Friendly Packaging: The spray bottles are designed for easy handling and precise application, ensuring minimal wastage and accurate dosing in every application.
  • Reliable Supplier: Sourced from Direct Sarms, a trusted provider known for high-quality research compounds and exceptional customer support.


Before use, ensure the nasal spray is at room temperature. Administer the spray as directed by your experimental protocol. For optimal results, it is recommended to store the nasal spray in a cool, dry place at a temperature between 2°C to 8°C (35°F to 46°F). Avoid freezing and ensure the spray mechanism remains clean and free of obstructions.

By opting for the Thymosin Alpha 1 Nasal Spray, researchers can advance their studies with a product that combines efficacy, convenience, and reliability, perfectly tailored to immune system research needs.

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[1] J.Li, C.H.Liu, and F.S.Wang (2010) Thymosin alpha 1: Biological activities, applications and genetic engineering production – Peptides, Volume 31, Issue 11, November 2010, Pages 2151-2158.

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