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Kisspeptin Nasal Spray


Research suggests that the Kisspeptin peptide has shown the following benefits:

  • Helps men produce testosterone
  • Can be  used as an effective infertility treatment
  • Enhances mood both emotional and sexual
  • Could potentially help prevent cancer cells from spreading in certain types of cancer

15ml Nasal Spray contains 5mg Kisspeptin
30ml Nasal Spray contains 10mg Kisspeptin

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Buy Kisspeptin Nasal Spray America

Kisspeptin nasal spray is a hormone that boosts sex-related attraction and also reduces stress and anxiety in men. The hormone is usually related to advancement throughout the age of puberty as well as maternity. It has actually been revealed to assist in dealing with male sex-related disorders.

The posterodorsal median location of the amygdala (MePD), where the Kisspeptin-responsive nerve cells were located, belongs to the mind called the amygdala. An area is main to controlling sex-related as well as psychological practices, such as anxiousness or social communication.

Kisspeptin Nasal Spray Benefits America

Testosterone Increase

LH and FDH circulating levels have been linked to changes in testosterone levels by kisspeptin-10. Kisspeptin 10 has a positive effect on testosterone levels in men but has no effect on testosterone levels in women.

Six men were given Kisspeptin intravenously as part of a America clinical trial. Just 90 minutes into the experiment, they saw a significant increase in testosterone levels, indicating that kisspeptin10 could be an effective testosterone-enhancing therapy.

Furthermore, Kisspeptin-10 has been shown to increase serum LH levels, raising testosterone levels in healthy men.


Kisspeptin peptide hormone is linked to reproduction and emotion, so it makes sense that it could also affect mood and behaviour.

Kisspeptin and a placebo were administered to 29 heterosexual men to test this hypothesis. Kisspeptin-10 increased limbic brain activity, boosted motivation, and improved mood in those who received it. On the other hand, the control group did not show any improvement in symptoms.

Kisspeptin has been shown to influence both sexual and emotional brain processing, as well as human behaviour.

Infertility treatment

Similarly, this peptide has been found to be an effective infertility treatment. Kisspeptin peptide vial has been shown in America studies to have profound effects on infertility. It may even be a better option than human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) for women undergoing IVF treatment.

According to America research, none of the women treated with kisspeptin-10 before IVF developed ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHS) (OHSS). This is excellent news, considering that only a small percentage of women treated with HCG develop the condition.

Prevents Cancer from Spreading

Kisspeptin-10 was discovered two decades ago to have a high success rate in suppressing malignant skin cancer. Kisspeptins’ ability to inhibit cell migration is responsible for this. In addition, America studies have shown that cancer cells are potentially less likely to invade other tissues when Kisspeptin is used.

Breast, prostate, ovarian, skin, thyroid, bladder, and gastrointestinal cancers show positive changes in Kisspeptin levels in screening for various metastatic cancer types. This is proof that Kisspeptin nasal spray could possibly help stop cancer from spreading.

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[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ pmc/articles/PMC2717872/

Molecular Formula: C258H401N79O78
Molecular Weight: 5857 g/mol
Sequence: H Gly Thr Ser Leu Ser Pro Pro Pro Glu Ser Ser Gly Ser Arg Gln Gln Pro Gly Leu Ser Ala Pro His Ser Arg Gln Ile Pro Ala Pro Gln Gly Ala Val Leu Val Gln Arg Glu Lys Asp Leu Pro Asn Tyr Asn Trp Asn Ser Phe Gly Leu Arg Phe NH2

Kisspeptin HPLC Certificate


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