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FOXO4-DRI Pre Mixed Peptide 10mg


Scientific research has shown FOX04-dri to have anti-ageing properties with various benefits:

  • Anti-ageing properties as FOX04-dri reduces the production of senescent cells
  • Can reduce male pattern baldness and improve hair density
  • Can reduce the symptoms of cardiovascular disease
  • Helps prevent cognitive disorders such as dementia

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FOXO4-DRI Pre Mixed Peptide America

Foxo4-DRI pre mixed peptide is a new substance that has been used to reduce your body weight by stopping the production of glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate. These two substances are found in the tissues and ligaments of your body, and they are required for your connective tissues to grow and become healthy.

Anti-ageing agent FOXO4-DRI (FOXO4 is short for forkhead box O4) has been reported to stimulate apoptosis of senescent cells in animal subjects.

The FOXO4 gene, in addition to reversing the effects of ageing, also plays a role in tumour suppression.

Furthermore, FOXO4-DRI is currently being studied as the most effective senolytic. It has the potential to extend the lives of the elderly and even reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

America FoxO4-Dri through some research has shown to help with hair loss and thinning hair conditions. This peptide has been shown to convert the glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate into the glycosaminoglycans needed by your body to rebuild your tissues.

Other pro-ageing benefits of this new substance is that it will also bring about a change in the growth rate of your hair follicles. As your hairs fall out due to lack of required blood flow to your follicles, the follicles will be busy with the work of developing the hair. Once it can reach a mature size, the growth of the follicle will slow down drastically, and your hair will not grow back. This is what happens to your hair when it is already beyond its prime. Fox04DRI could help hair follicles will grow as fast as they are supposed to grow, and your hair loss will be significantly reduced.

Senescent cells:
Cells that have entered senescence are no longer able to divide or support the tissues of their bodies as they get older. Neighbouring cells are prompted to enter a senescent state by the harmful chemical signals emitted by these cells.

Increased inflammation and cancer risk are associated with the presence of these cells in the body.

FOXO4 has been found to reduce the production of these harmful cells, according to studies. Indeed, the FOXO4 hormone peptide can hunt down and kill cells that express this antigen.

FOXO4-DRI Pre Mixed Peptide Benefits America

Anti-Ageing Benefits:
Many factors contribute to the ageing process. However, cellular senescence, which occurs when your telomeres run out, is the primary factor.

DNA from your chromosomes is copied into each new cell as it divides. Although this method is flawed, it does remove a small amount of DNA at the end. This is because your chromosomes are saved by telomeres, which protect the ends of your DNA.

Telomeres, in a nutshell, are non-essential DNA. It is common for them to withstand 70 divisions. However, when they are depleted, they send signals that cause the once-healthy cells to become senescent.

Using FOX04 DRI as a preventative measure has been shown to be effective in America clinical trials.

Hair growth:
America Research shows that FOXO4 DRI hormone can help with genetic hair loss conditions such as female pattern hair loss and male pattern baldness.

FOXO4-DRI pre mixed peptide is not yet FDA-approved for human use, but research shows that it can improve hair thickness and density.

FOXo4 DRI for hair loss has been shown to thicken the fur and reduce baldness in mice, according to research.

Heart disease:
According to a new America study, a decline in the heart’s proteasome activity is linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease as you get older. This is because proteasomes remove oxidized proteins and other proteins that the cell has designated as dysfunctional.

It’s been found that ageing increases the activity of the proteasome, which damages proteins in the heart.

FOXO proteins can facilitate autophagy and the activity of the proteasome. In addition, proteasome activity increases as a result of increased FOXO4 levels, which lowers tissue oxidation and damage.

Using FOXO4-DRI Pre Mixed peptide to improve the heart’s primary functions and reduce age-related changes in cardiovascular roles is being studied by scientists.

Brain function:
As a result of these studies, researchers believe that FOXO4 may help treat and prevent neurodegenerative diseases because FOXO4 DRI proteins are modified in the central nervous system. This peptide may also be able to slow the progression of neurodegenerative diseases.

Cognitive disorders like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s disease are still a mystery to the medical community. As a result, more research into FOXO4-DRI results is needed by scientists in order to fully understand the effects and safety of this treatment on patients.

The potential effects that FOXO4-DRI Pre Mixed Peptide could have on age-related conditions are undeniably promising, but more America research is required before it can be approved for human use.

There is also the option America to buy FOX04-dri nasal spray and buy FOX04-dri peptide Vial.


[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ pmc/articles/PMC5556182/

Molecular Formula: C228H388N86O64
Molecular Weight: 5358.05 g/mol

FOXO4-DRI HPLC Certificate



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Pen instructions

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