AOD9604 Peptide Vial


AOD9604 Peptide Vial

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It is a peptide that is derived from the amino acids 176-191 of GH polypeptide that enhances the fat reducing effects. This peptide does not have adverse effects on both insulin and blood sugar resistance.


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AOD9604 Peptide Vial

The Benefits of AOD9604 America –

Here are the main benefits of the Peptide:

  • Help reduce body fats.
  • It has no adverse effects on both growth and blood sugar.
  • It helps trigger fat release from the obese fat cells more than the lean ones.
  • Cleverly mimics the way your natural growth hormone controls fat metabolism.
  • stimulates lipolysis.
  • proven to have favourable cartilage regenerative and repair properties, especially when combined with peptide BPC157.
  • AOD9604 peptide vial inhibits lipogenesis that is the transformation of the non-fatty foods into the body fat.

How it Works –AOD9604 Peptide Vial

People who need to control or maintain a certain height or those with overweight or obesity use this product. Most individuals use AOD9604 to build their muscle mass. It works by mimicking the primary function of the human growth hormone in the control and regulation of fat burning metabolism.

also increases the activity of the beta-three receptors, which are necessary to the overall metabolism. It is famous since it stimulates lipolysis leading to fat destruction.

AOD9604 is considered safe

Individuals who have used it before haven’t suffered from side effects. Also, this product does not cause any changes in body composition. The consumption of This peptide hasn’t presented any issues related to immunogenicity meaning that it’s well-tolerated by human organism.

Among all the users, there are no cases of allergy as well as lousy tolerance. Individuals can also use it as a food supplement since it has the ability to stimulate lipolysis.

AOD has shown the potential impacts to repair muscle and cartilage, and in most cases, it used in osteoarthritis treatment.

This proven peptide is more effective than the AOD9401 since it can stimulate fat burning or lipolytic as well as the anti-lipogenic activity.

Just like other growth hormones, AOD9604 can stimulate lipolysis, which is the destruction or breakdown of body fats and prevents the transformation of the fatty food material into the body fats.

Helps reduce fats in the mid-abdominal areas in both over-weight, obese and the average built people.

AOD9604 peptide vial Dosage America

The peptide AOD9604 is prescribed for individuals attempting to lose their weight. Currently, there is no stipulated dosage of AOD9604, it is recommended to inject the dosage of approximately 300 mcg per day, and it is mostly given during bedtime.


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