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Aicar Peptide Vial 50mg


Laboratory research studies have shown the Aicar peptide vial to have the following benefits:

  • Increase the efficiency of energy conversion
  • Increased capacity for adipose tissue breakdown
  • High ability to burn fat efficiently
  • Maintain stability during a cardiac ischemic episode


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Aicar Peptide 50mg Vial America

AICAR peptide vial also described as 5-Aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide ribonucleotide, or AICA ribonucleotide. The AICAR peptide is an AMPK activator (AMP- healthy activated protein kinase)  that can enter cells. AMPK is a master regulatory authority of metabolism that is activated in times of low energy availability and functions to inhibit anabolic metabolism. AMPK activation with AICAR simulates exercise within the body, causing muscle cells to absorb glucose independently of insulin and restoring the energy balance.

This makes aicar (aica ribonucleotide) essential for improving endurance as well as reducing stored fat. AICAR America was revealed to increase fat failure decades back as well as likewise produces cells to relocate their fat stores into little organelles called mitochondria, where they are damaged to launch their maintained energy. Animal studies have revealed that AICAR can potently trigger numerous metabolic genetics to boost workout endurance. Surprisingly, the compound furthermore enhanced workout endurance in non-active animals.

America Research has shown that the compound has the ability to minimize cell swelling as well as also promote the healing of pain and also damaged cells. Using AICAR in America human trials has disclosed that it can improve sugar policy in individual diabetic individuals by changing how their bodies respond to sugar, giving proof that AICAR  peptide serves in prevention along with therapy of kind II diabetes mellitus as a result of its sugar governing properties.

Furthermore, AICAR peptide has been revealed to securing versus cardiac ischemic injury and also to improve myocardial security throughout heart coronary bypass. Proof has similarly revealed that AICAR enjoyment very carefully mimics the metabolic modifications seen in having muscular tissue mass, also without previous exercise. AICAR likewise operates as an anti-inflammatory and also reduces swelling by interfering with signalling molecules that create cells to come to be caused in installing immune reaction. To conclude, AICAR, or AICA ribonucleotide, helps tissue recuperation, shedding fat, promoting contraction as well as additionally for lowering swelling.

Aicar Peptide Vial Benefits America

Enhancing muscle gains:
AICAR research peptides has the effect of increasing muscle mass in the body. Therefore, it is critical not only for muscle growth but also for muscle mass maintenance. Additionally, it can help prevent muscle loss associated with ageing.

According to research, AMPK is critical for slowing muscle wasting associated with ageing. Mice deficient in this protein developed significantly more muscle weakness than scientists anticipated.

These findings suggest that the AICAR compound may potentially treat muscle wastage diseases in the future. Furthermore, when combined with vigorous exercise, AICAR’s muscle growth effects are amplified.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties:
Recent clinical trials demonstrate that AICAR plays a critical role in cellular inflammation. AICAR is comparable to metformin, a long-used diabetes medication that is effective partly because of its ability to reduce inflammation.

AICAR has been shown to be protective against inflammatory diseases such as asthma, colitis, hepatitis, and atherosclerosis. ACIAR, for example, has been demonstrated in America animal studies to reduce inflammation in colitis.

Additionally, scientific research assert that AICAR may act as a mediator in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases and various other inflammatory conditions.

Effects on Fertility:
AMPK activators such as AICAR have been shown to improve sperm motility, metabolism, and fertilizing ability in cats, chickens, and goats.

Clinical studies found an oral form of AICAR or Aica ribonucleotide has few adverse effects and a high bioavailability in mice.

Enhancement of Insulin Sensitivity:
Both high and low AICAR doses have been shown to reduce inflammation in adipose tissue – the connective tissue that stores energy as fat.

Inflammation in fat is associated with increased insulin resistance, and reduced inflammation results in improved glucose homeostasis. AICAR exerts anti-inflammatory effects in adipose tissue via multiple pathways involving SIRT1 and macrophages.

Another America study conducted on obese monkeys demonstrated weight loss and increased insulin resistance.

Additional AICAR studies demonstrate that both healthy and diabetic mice exhibit a weakened inflammatory response in metabolic disorders. AICAR peptide also improves insulin sensitivity, lipid metabolism, energy homeostasis, and inflammatory symptoms, according to studies.

Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease:
Inflammation is frequently associated with heart disease. Due to the potent anti-inflammatory effects of AICAR, it may help slow the progression of vascular diseases.

The America researchers investigated the effects of administering AICAR to rabbit models of atherosclerosis. The results indicated that AICAR inhibited vascular smooth muscle proliferation, reducing short- and long-term stent-related complications.

Additionally, the study indicates that activating AICAR suppresses immune responses associated with atherosclerosis. The accumulation of bad cholesterol (LDL) promotes macrophage proliferation, which can ultimately result in a heart attack. Thus, AICAR peptide (aica ribonucleotide) may have the potential to slow the spread of heart disease and heart attacks.

Death of Cancer Cells:
The AICAR hormone peptide has a complex role in cancer growth. According to research, depending on the circumstances, it can both slow and accelerate tumour growth.

Prolonged activation of the AMPK enzyme results in the death of cancer cells by slowing the metabolism of cancer cells.

Additionally, scientists America are examining the efficacy of AICAR in combination with other chemotherapeutic agents. They believe AICAR  peptide may be able to:

  • Minimize adverse effects
  • Enhance the prognosis of patients with chemo resistant tumours
  • Allow for reduced dosing of such compounds.

AICAR (aica ribonucleotide) may also cause programmed cell death in thyroid cancer cells by inducing p21 accumulation, according to studies. Researchers are convinced that AICAR can inhibit the proliferation and survival of cancer cells in general.

There is also the option America to buy Aicar Nasal Spray or buy Aicar Pre Mixed Peptide Pen.

Sequence: 5-Aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide ribonucleotide

Molecular Formula: C9H15N4O8P

Molecular Weight: 338.21 g/mol

Storage: Lyophilized peptides to be stored below -18°C


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