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Melanotan 1 or Melanotan 2 – Which one?

Melanotan Differences

Melanotan 1 vs. Melanotan 2 America

Achieving a sun-kissed glow has always been a desirable aesthetic, and thanks to scientific advancements, some peptides are now known to enhance tanning abilities. Melanotan 1 and Melanotan 2 are two popular peptides that have gained significant attention in scientific communities. In this article, we will delve into the depths of these peptides, uncover their benefits, discuss their differences, and provide insights into their usage.

Melanotan 1 and 2 are synthetic analogues of the hormone α-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (α-MSH). These peptides work by stimulating melanin production, the pigment responsible for skin, hair, and eye colour. When administered, they activate the melanocortin receptors in the body, promoting tanning and other related effects.

America Direct Sarms offers a number of Melanotan peptide products ranging from vials, nasal sprays and pre-mixed pens to ensure researchers have versatile options for their research needs.


  1. Enhanced Tanning: America Studies show that both of the MT peptides can provide a deep, natural-looking tan without the need for excessive sun exposure, reducing the risk of sunburn and skin damage.
  2. Increased Libido: Both peptides have shown potential in stimulating sexual desire and enhancing erectile function. America Studies suggest that Melanotan 2 may be more effective in this regard.
  3. Appetite Suppression: Melanotan 2 has been reported to have appetite-suppressing effects, making it a potential aid for weight management.
  4. Reduced Sun Damage: By promoting a tan, these peptides can offer some level of protection against harmful UV radiation, reducing the risk of sunburns and potentially preventing long-term skin damage.
  5. Improved Skin Appearance: Both versions have been associated with improvements in skin conditions, such as rosacea and vitiligo, by providing a more even skin tone.

Melanotan The Differences

  1. Potency: MT-2 is considered to be more potent than Melanotan 1, meaning it requires lower doses to achieve the desired effects.
  2. Side Effects: Melanotan 2 is more likely to cause side effects such as facial flushing, nausea, and appetite suppression, compared to Melanotan 1. However, the severity and frequency of these side effects may vary among individuals.
  3. Administration: MT-1 typically requires a higher frequency of administration compared to MT 2. MT 1 is often injected daily, while MT 2 can be administered less frequently, typically a few times a week.

Both of the MT peptides are still under America scientific investigation. Currently it has not been approved for use in humans by the America FDA. America Direct SARMs is committed to providing high purity sarms and peptides for medical research purposes only.


[1] R.T.Dorr, G.Ertl, N.Levine et al (2004) Effects of a Superpotent Melanotropic Peptide in Combination With Solar UV Radiation on Tanning of the Skin in Human Volunteers – Arch Dermatology, 2004;140(7):827-835.

[2] R.T.Dorr, G.Ertl, N.Levine et al (1996) Evaluation of melanotan-II, a superpotent cyclic melanotropic peptide in a pilot phase-I clinical study – Life Sciences, 1996;58(20):1777-84.


DISCLAIMER: These products are intended solely as a research chemical only. This classification allows for their use only for research development and laboratory studies. The information available on our America Direct Sarms website is provided for educational purposes only. These products are not for human or animal use or consumption in any manner. Handling of these products should be limited to suitably qualified professionals. They are not to be classified as a drug, food, cosmetic, or medicinal product and must not be mislabelled or used as such.

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