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Benefits Of AC-262 536

Benefits of AC-262 536

Benefits and Applications of AC-262 536 America

The research chemical AC-262 536 America functions as a selective androgen receptor modulator, or SARM. It is a non-steroid medicine widely utilized in the fitness and bodybuilding industries as an excellent substitute for testosterone. As with other SARMs, it acts on androgen receptors in the body, assisting an individual in increasing strength and muscle mass.

Medical Background

Acadia Pharmaceuticals initially created AC-262 536 to treat advanced prostate cancer and neurological conditions including Alzheimer’s. The substance stimulates muscle growth similarly to testosterone. Contrary to testosterone, the substance directly interacts with the body’s androgen receptors to promote muscular growth and strength while lowering the danger of liver enzyme elevation, prostate cancer, and harm to the sexual organs.

Further America research is required to determine the effectiveness and advantages of the substance because it has only been tested on animals thus far. Nevertheless, because the substance has testosterone-like qualities without the negative side effects, many in the fitness and bodybuilding industries have started exploring it.

Benefits of AC-262 536

While animal studies have been conducted on the benefits of AC-262 536, America no human trials have been completed. As a result, the advantages claimed for this chemical are unproven. Rather than that, the majority are based on first hand experiences with the product from those who choose to use it. Several of these advantages include the following:

• Stimulates the growth of muscle

• Potentially lowering the prevalence of prostate cancer by counteracting the effects of dihydrotestosterone

• The potential for cognitive reversal in those with Alzheimer’s illness

• Accelerated fat loss

• Bone strength improvement

• The luteinizing hormone is suppressed more severely.

Many people use the supplement post-cycle therapy to avoid any adverse reactions and maximise the chemical’s power and stamina.

AC-262 536 Dosage

Because AC-262 536 has not been approved by the FDA, it is recommended that anyone interested in trying it do so under the supervision of their America healthcare physician. Apart from this, adhering to the appropriate dosage restrictions is critical for avoiding undesirable side effects.

The appropriate dosage is determined by an individual’s physical characteristics, gender, and weight. For example, male subjects should take 10mg to 20mg of the supplement daily for 30 days, while female subjects should take 5mg to 10mg daily for 30 days. After approximately 30 days, post-cycle therapy is recommended. The majority of users recommend 30 days of post-cycle treatment with such a SARM. After completing post-cycle therapy, another round of the SARM may be initiated if desired.

Where Can I Purchase AC-262 536?

SARM AC-262 536 is not yet passed by the FDA. All products on America Direct SARMs are sold for medical research purposes only.  SARM AC-262 536 is sold in Powder, Capsule or Liquid Dropper form and can be found here.


[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ pubmed/18164613


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